The Friendship Heights Shuttle Bus service, approved by the Village Council in 1979, has become highly valued and much-used.


Residents of The Village of Friendship Heights have a unique and valuable service. Part of their tax dollars go to provide a shuttle bus that runs seven days a week. The bus connects every residential building in the Village, the community center, the Chevy Chase Center, and the Metro stop.

During the week the bus runs from 6:40 a.m. to 9:40 p.m., and Saturdays-Sundays (and most holidays) from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Shuttle Bus schedules (as of 5/18/10) are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) form. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at

There are 16 Convenient Stops serving the Village, the Metro and the Shopping Center

  • South Park Ave. at the bank (corner of South Park and The Hills Plaza)
  • South Park at Friendship Blvd. (serving Highland House West)
  • The Village Center at Friendship Blvd.
  • Sunrise Brighton Gardens
  • The Willoughby on Willard Ave.
  • North Park Ave. at Willard (serving the Irene)
  • 4620 North Park and 4615 North Park
  • The Elizabeth on North Park
  • The Carleton on North Park
  • The Willoughby on North Park (corner of North Park and Friendship)
  • The Willoughby on Friendship
  • Highland House West on South Park
  • Highland House north side (corner of South Park and Wisconsin Avenue)
  • Whole Foods stop
  • The Metro stop and bus terminal
  • Chevy Chase Center.
Shuttle Bus Guidelines

The Village Shuttle Bus runs rain or shine. It is air conditioned, has comfortable upholstered seats, and is accessible to the handicapped. In using the bus it is important to have this basic information:

  • The service is FREE. There is no charge to ride the bus, and drivers are not allowed to accept tips.

  • Drivers are HELPFUL. If you need help boarding or exiting the bus, the driver will assist you. In special situations the driver may help take your packages to your apartment building entrance (but can't take them any further for you, out of consideration to other passengers).

  • Stops are CONVENIENT. There are stops near every residential building, the shopping center adjacent to the food market, and the Metro rail and bus stations. Due to safety and scheduling considerations, however, the driver is not permitted to let passengers on or off the bus between stops. Please don't ask!

  • Every effort is made to provide a  SAFE and COMFORTABLE ride. This requires cooperation from all passengers. Please sit down as promptly as you can after boarding. The driver cannot move the bus until all passengers are seated. It is also important to keep the aisles as clear as possible. There are areas on the bus for holding equipment and packages during your ride.

  • Service is COURTEOUS. Our drivers have chosen to drive the Friendship Heights route. They are happy to have you aboard. Please treat them courteously also.

  • Management is RESPONSIVE. The bus operator and your Village staff are anxious to make this service as useful as possible for residents.
  • Friendship Heights is also served by Montgomery County Ride On buses (, and by the Metrorail system (

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RMA shuttle bus drivers Patrick Voltaire and Juan Pineda were presented with Certificates of Appreciation by the Village Council.

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