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Betty Ardizzone
Center Facilities Manager


Rental space in the Center

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The Friendship Heights Village Center offers space for private and business functions on Friday evenings and during the weekend afternoon and evening hours when the Center is closed to the public.

The Center has become a popular location for weddings, bar and bat mitzvas, and other special celebrations.

"The Friendship Heights facility was perfect in every way for our celebration," according to a Somerset House resident who used the Center recently. For another renter, the Center was also ideal: "Without exception, our wedding guests told us it was the loveliest wedding they had ever been to."

Many other types of events have been booked; some for return engagements. Examples are classes that teach social dancing and social skills to young people, monthly programs for a well-known local cultural society, and a social program for handicapped individuals.

Betty Ardizzone, Center Facilities Manager, offers her view:

"From the beginning it has been a rewarding experience to have played a role in the various stages of development that have made this into a full-service facility unlike others in the area. Much of our success has been due to the careful monitoring by the staff who are in attendance at all our functions."


The Center offers a large auditorium with a cathedral ceiling, "Huntley Hall," which can be subdivided into two smaller areas; and two classrooms, one of which opens out onto a small patio area.

There is also a warming kitchen for caterers.

The auditorium is available for rental when the Center is not open to the public, after 5 p.m. on Fridays and after 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

The classrooms may be available at other times, if they are not scheduled for Village Center activities.

Friendship Heights Village Center space available for private rental.

 Friendship Heights Village Center Rental Program

 Short-Term Rentals Booking Fee/Security Deposit


A previously scheduled event in the auditorium (Huntley Hall) featured former Vice President Al Gore
in a joint appearance with his wife, Tipper, speaking on access to mental health care services.


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