Welcome to the Village of Friendship Heights

            Welcome to the Village of Friendship Heights            

Where is this community?

VILLAGE RESIDENTS enjoy a prime location right on the edge of the District of Columbia, within easy walking distance of prestige shopping, restaurants and professional services both within the Village and nearby, on both sides of the Maryland-D.C. line. The entire Village is also within easy walking distance

of the Metro Red Line, with direct rapid rail service south to downtown D.C., Union Station (Amtrak) and beyond, and north to Bethesda, Rockville and Gaithersburg. The Village's free shuttle bus (that stops at every residential building) also connects residents with Metrorail, Metrobuses, and Ride-On bus routes.

Directions/Parking Map

2010 Census Data for Friendship Heights Village

Village History Book (be patient, huge file)

1.  Village Center
2.  Hubert Humphrey Friendship Park
3.  Willoughby Park

4.  Police Field Office
5.  William Tyler Page Park

6.  Highland House (rental)
7.  Highland House West (rental)

  8.  The Willoughby (North) (condo) 
The Willoughby (South) (condo)
10.  The Carleton (condo)
11.  4620 North Park Avenue (condo)
12.  The Irene (rental)
13.  4615 North Park Avenue (rental)
14.  The Elizabeth (condo)
15.  Sunrise Brighton Gardens (assisted living)

The Friendship Heights Village Center and Friendship Park (shown on a pleasant spring day). After almost 10 years of planning, construction of the Village Center was begun in the spring of 1985, and the building was formally dedicated on April 13, 1986. That date has been celebrated since then as Community Day, one of the four seasonal Village-wide annual celebrations sponsored by the Village Council. (The building behind the Center is Sunrise Brighton Gardens, an assisted living residence which opened in February 1997). The main Village park, originally built in 1970 and completely rebuilt in 2003, was formally dedicated as "Hubert Humphrey Friendship Park" in 1978. Hubert Humphrey's sister, Frances Humphrey Howard, often visited the Village; Senator Humphrey's grandson lived in the Willoughby while a student at American University.

The Police Field Office was established in 1997 by the Village Council, in cooperation with the Montgomery County Department of Police, as a community policing initiative. Although no police staff is officially assigned to it, it provides a place for Montgomery County Police Officers to use a computer, work on paperwork and take breaks. This helps the Village maintain a more frequent police presence in the community, an important addition to the Village Security Patrol, which monitors the entire Village and provides parking enforcement as well.

The Field Office is in the rear of the Village-owned house at 4602 N. Park Ave.

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