Volunteers have been an important part of the operation of the Friendship Heights Village Center ever since it opened in 1986. At times, as many as 100 volunteers have been active in various activities.

While there are not always openings in all areas, some of the ways in which volunteers serve are:

  • Providing hospitality assistance at Center special events

  • Preparing and serving a weekly afternoon tea

  • Helping to staff the front desk

  • Maintaining the Village library

  • Advising the Village Council on community concerns

  • Assisting in the development of Village programs

  • Working with kindergarten students from the local elementary school

  • Helping to chaperone Village trips

  • Photographing Village events

  • New ways yet to be discovered!

  • If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the following link for an application: Click here for volunteer application.

    Volunteers Miriam Crowell and Helen Johnson served MD Delegate Bill Bronrott as Lee Greenwald looked on at a recent Community Day celebration honoring the Rescue Squad and the County Police.

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    The Village Center phone number for more information about the community
    and our community programs is 301-656-2797

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